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When it comes to the sanitary cleaning of the bathroom, the most annoying thing is the cleaning of the ceramic tiles. The dirty ceramic tile gap makes people dizzy. The moldy ceramic tile surface also affects the overall beauty of the bathroom. If you want to finish the cleaning of the ceramic tiles in the bathroom easily, Kohler bathroom has a good idea here.

Small measures against seepage and mildew

The bathroom is mostly paved with ceramic tiles from the ground to the wall, and the humid environment in the bathroom makes the ceramic tile gap more susceptible to mold. After daily cleaning with detergent, you can brush a layer of waterproof agent on the ceramic tile gap with a brush to prevent mildew, and at the same time, it can also isolate moisture and avoid water seepage.

Mold cleaning artifact

what? Toilet paper is actually a magic tool for cleaning mold in the crack of ceramic tile! You are not mistaken. Fill the toilet paper with bleach, and then paste it on the gap of the ceramic tile to let them stay alone for a period of time. After applying the facial mask to the gap, just flush with water to clean the mold. In addition, by diluting the bleach used in laundry with a ratio of 1:4, annoying mildew can also be easily removed. Finally, don't forget to apply a layer of waterproof agent~

Wet emergency treatment

The wet environment is more likely to make the ceramic tile mildew. When we find that the ceramic tile in the bathroom is damp, we need to deal with it immediately. In addition to the dehumidifier, the hygroscopic capacity of agglomerated baking soda is also a lever. If the ceramic tile has mildewed, wipe the wall with a dry wet towel dipped in a little baking soda, and you can also get a good cleaning effect.

The maintenance of ceramic tiles in the bathroom is a lasting battle. KARAT under Kohler hopes that these tips can help every family solve the problem of ceramic tile cleaning in the bathroom and make the bathroom life cleaner and more comfortable.




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