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Little secret of toilet fancy flush


Flushing after going to the toilet is a trivial matter, but have you noticed that some toilets flush loudly, some have no impulse, and others have to flush several times before they are clean. Today, Kohler Sanitary Ware will share with you the secret of toilet flush.

Direct-flow type

The direct-flush toilet, as the name suggests, is to directly use the impact of water flow to complete flushing. Generally, the tank wall is steep and the pipeline is thick, which can make the hydraulic power more concentrated and the flushing efficiency higher, but at the same time, there are also shortcomings such as large flushing volume and loud noise.

Siphon type

The sewage pipe of the siphon toilet is in the shape of "~". By using the siphon principle, after pressing the flush button, the flushing is completed by the suction formed by the water level difference between the toilet and the sewage pipe. The siphon toilet utilizes both the gravity of water and the suction of the pipe. The area of water in the pool is large and the volume of flushing is small.

Jet siphon

Jet siphon toilet is a further improvement on the basis of siphon. Add a spout at the bottom of the toilet and align it with the center of the drain outlet. When flushing, part of the water flows out from the water distribution hole around the toilet, and part of the water spouts out from the spout. When using the siphon principle, the flush is completed with the help of the water impulse. The spray siphon toilet has the characteristics of fast flushing and low flushing noise.

Vortex siphon

The flushing principle of the vortex siphon toilet is similar to that of the jet siphon, but the flushing port of the vortex siphon is located at the side of the toilet. When flushing, the water flows out along the pool wall to form a vortex, which not only increases the flushing strength of the pool wall, but also enhances the suction of the pipe, which is more conducive to sewage discharge. The vortex siphon toilet has the characteristics of strong flushing and high cleanliness.


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